Cross Sections

by Libby DeCamp

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All songs written and performed by Libby DeCamp. Recorded, produced, and mixed by Adam Schreiber. Mastered by Lucas Pimentel at The FunAttic and United Recording.


released February 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Libby DeCamp Detroit, Michigan

Libby DeCamp makes dusty folk and American Roots-inspired music with a fine-tuned lyrical edge, delivered with a haunting vocal closeness that reaches listeners of all kinds. Sweetly soulful "Broken Folk."


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Track Name: Elroy
I could have crossed the river deep
Round rocks in the arcs of feet
But I comb my hair, I fold the news on the crease
For relief

There's a jungle south and east
Rotting the tip of my green peach
Fractures the sake of destiny
This is not me

But a few months later
Your old eyes' razors
Would be the ones
That Uncle Sam took to my cheek

The sweetest edge had me for some time
To rid the torture from my tortured mind
Coward in my town's eyes, if I stayed behind
But it's blood for pride
When two worlds collide

On the banks, they anticipate
Wrists of lead tugged every which way
Deafening shrieks of the throng and their glee
Will milk my fate

But a few months later
Your old eyes' razors
Would be the ones
That Uncle Sam took to my cheek

Limbs to line the trails
Efforts that have failed
I spit out my teeth, now the blood in the sink
Is boiling back at me

But a few months later
Your old eyes' razors
Would be the ones
That Uncle Sam took to my cheek
But I'm the one that's weak
I'm the one that's weak
Track Name: Black Suit Man
Come and take a slice of our
Sweet, sweet apple pie
You over there with the pretty blue eyes
You get a bigger slice

If you disagree, well, red sticker for you
More pie for me
But you better love my hospitality

Mr. Hoover doesn't like it when you hold out your hand
Every good American should be able to stand a little heat
Ah, but doesn't it feel sweet

Here in this cage we have
A big old bear performing today
Drop some change in the tip jar along the way

Well you can call the cops,
But that's just hilarious
To think you can stop us
We've got a pretty good thing going on here

He's got an eye on you like God and Santa Claus
But should you question, should you care,
He'll release the dogs on you
Ah, but aren't they so cute?

Through the back door
My boys throw a big old bash
And trash the house floor
But I don't mind, hey,
That's what eyelids are for

And across the street
I watch Miss Nightgown Gal
But she doesn't see me
I pay the rent here just to sneak a peep

Mr. Hoover
I hope you find this song
Mr. Hoover, come and jail me,
As you know that most opinions are wrong
Track Name: Old Witch
Old witch sits on the short stone wall
The men in coats sweep the paths of fall
She's never once accompanied
Will you meet her in the evening?

You have learned and you have seen
Everything will lie between
The fox and the mule, the bird and the bee
Will you meet her in the evening?

Some things crawl beneath your boards
Playing games of neck and sword
So pull your quilt back over yours
Will you meet her in the evening?

Crying to a Cheshire moon
He pours you out from a tarnished spoon
It's like a feather in the wound
Will you meet her in the evening?

Horse is tied down by the lead
Trail's end, now, is what you see
The ageless question finally pleads
Will you meet her in the evening?

I can smooth your bruises pale
A favor for such a pretty girl
Come and sit down on my knee
For you have met me in the evening
You have met me in the evening
Track Name: Put the Kettle On
There was a time
When I used to lie
On dirty beaches
And measure every inch of the moving tide

And there was a day
When I could move things out of my way
Lift with my legs and
Still have time at the end of the day, return
Just in time to come and put the kettle on

History bleeds dark green
Bugs and beasts follow me
Every nutrient of need
Buckles in place, waiting to be saved

And every piece of the puzzle
Said what won't and what will
Leave its dent on us
A shady patch, a dainty buzzkill
What's wrong
I'm gonna need someone to put the kettle on

I am in the backseat
Waiting for a driver
How can I expect my
Crops to grow higher

What I used to sow from the
Fields is dry
I allowed the spread of weeds and
Wondered why, oh,
What is wrong

Got what I need but I've got to put the kettle on
Got what I need but I've got to put the kettle on
Track Name: Seattle
I was born under a birch tree
And I died in the alley
Brother, do you know
Do you know my story

I am strong and deeply woven
With my tongue pressed to my cheek
I have learned from hums and howls
From my family, how to speak

Territory, bought and sold
Forgiveness is in my blood
But my blood runs cold

Oh, the love in the arrow
Oh, the love in my braids
You should have seen me last century
Galloping across history's page

When I close my eyes
There's cracking concrete
And a wish for posterity
Look what I've evolved
Look what I've evolved to be

Living ghetto, could it be
Casting my addictions
Unto thee

White sage, evil out
Slum heart, bleed now
Track Name: Charlie
Hard tack crumbs on his boots
His thumbs turning blue
As the dress of his sweetheart, Emmylou

He's of the north and he proceeds forth
In the name of three great figures
He can't ignore

Moonrise brings some relief
Where his bunk is clean
And justice permeates his dreams

Wind falls hard on the hill
It's hard to be still
In the blood of his partner's that's been spilled

Ringing hits of the snare
And the lead in the air
Soon pierced his chest
Left lifeless and fair

He's dead as the olden days
Dead as beefsteak
Dead as the nearby body
Dressed in gray